Why Wingman is the best collar stay you can buy

We wanted to tell you why we believe Wingman is the best collar stay in the world!

Collar stays, collar sticks, collar bones, magnetic collar stays, collar knuckles, collar tabs, collar stiffeners, or collar stiffs, what ever you want to call them, they all do the same thing, or do they?

The purpose of a collar stay is to keep the tip's of the end of your collar from curling up. This is great, but they do not typically address the issue of your collar drooping into the dreaded Saturday night fever look. Wurkin stiff cleverly designed a solution to this problem which stops the collar drooping. The main problem with these, is that the magnets are prone to be lost, and after looking at online reviews of Wurkin Stiffs, it seems to be the main complaint with these collar stays. Wingman is the only collar stay we have found that is a single one piece solution with no need for any tailoring that keeps your collar standing up and staying up. Additionally to this, Wingman is the only collar stay that changes it's shape to not only fit your shirt perfectly but also give you the power to change the entire style of your collar, so if you fancy going for the tabbed collar look, you can!

We took it upon ourselves to do a comparison of Wingman against other collar stays including wurkin stiffs.

Prevent tips curling

Wingman prevents your collar tips from curling

Prevent collar drooping

Wingman protects you against a floppy collar that droops into your blazer, over your blazer, or simply the Saturday night fever 70's look!

Control collar neckline

Wingman is the only collar stay we have found that goes around the the curve of your neck inside the collar to give you complete control

Single piece

Wingman offers a single peice solution like a traditional collar stay. This mean no need for any additional fiddly annoying parts that can potentially get lost.

Magnet free

Wingman does not use any magnets. There are people that do not like the idea of having magnets next to their head all day but still want a stiff collar. 

Bespoke fitting

Wingman adjusts itself to your collar giving it a bespoke feel. Each Wingman wingman will bend slightly differently according to whom is wearing it and with what shirt.

Natural look

Wingman makes your collar look as if it is naturally standing up. Other solution such as magnets and adhesives we feel do not look natural as a shirt could never sit that way by itself.